Does CBD Oil Really Work? CBD Doctors

Since thousands of patients have already become approved for medical marijuana in Florida, many have been asking us if CBD oil really works? The answer may surprise you because recent research has uncovered many significant medical applications for CBD in human beings. Here are a few of those findings along with the most popular health benefits from using CBD oil.

The Nation Institute Of Health has announced that through testing and clinical research it is clear that Cannabinoid (CBD) can be used to treat many conditions, with very little, to no health risks.

  • Some of the conditions that CBD doctors in Lake Worth Florida are treating using regular CBD doses include the following.
  • Inflammation – CBD is known to reduce swelling and is a natural anti-inflammatory compound.
  • Pain – CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system in the body which regulated many functions including pain.
  • Anxiety – CBD offers your body relaxation and pain reduction which in turn reduces anxiety.
  • Crohn’s – CBD is derived from the marijuana hemp plant and is known to work on the GI tract, often times reliving the symptoms from Crohn’s Disease.
  • Seizures – Recently the FDA approved the first marijuana-derived, CBD oil to treat seizures in patients suffering from Epilepsy called Epidiolex. The medication is available through a CBD doctor and can be legally bought and consumed by approved patients in Florida.
  • Cancer – CBD and THC marijuana has shown to slow the G-55 gland in the body from producing the chemical known to make cancer cells produce rapidly. It also has shown to be an anti-cancer compound and is being used along with traditional cancer treatments in patients suffering worldwide.

There is still research needed to find more uses for CBD oil and the federal government has allowed funding for this research in 2018. We offer the best CBD doctors in lake worth that are happy to discuss your medical marijuana and CBD oil treatments.


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